Daily Halloween Drop Caps — #halphaween

Nothing like a Throwback Thursday! As a few of you know, I love Halloween a lot... maybe too much. And to celebrate that glorious holiday and make the feeling last as long as possible, I create a Halloween inspired doodle every day for the month of October. I've been doing that for 3 years now! I gotta say that this year's theme was my favorite. My personality was really jam-packed into everyone of these illustrations and I just had a blast making these. The theme this year was a daily drop cap with vintage inspired illustrations to go along with them—I called it Halphaween. It was so fun to see which ones were people's favorites. It definitely surprised me. The top favorite was the letter M for Mummy! Second place went to N for Nightmare and third place went to R for Raven. The least favorite was C for Cat. (And I thought the internet was made for cats, shrug!). 
On Sundays, I took a break from the drop caps and created signs that I liked to imagine you would see back when things were simpler and you had to walk for miles around your neighborhood to get the right amount of candy! None of this trunk or treat mumbo jumbo. These took a lot more time and I wanted to pack them full of detail which also made laying everything out a fun challenge.
Thanks again to everyone that left feedback and stuck with it for the entire 31 days! You guys make it all worth it! xoxo