Hey I'm Kelsey! I've been a professional graphic designer for over 5 years. I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. I specialize in print and web design, layouts, typography, etc. etc. Thank you so much for visiting my page, I really appreciate it! As you've probably realized by now, I don't have many talents or hobbies except for the artsy kind. I am a graphic designer for an ad agency in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. I feel so blessed to be able to call myself an "artist." Since I was a small very pasty little girl, my dream was to become an artist but I'm still surprised to find myself here! I did not get here by myself. I got here because of art teachers who didn't make as much money as they should but they continued to do what they loved. I got here because of my parents and their on-going support and fan-dom (those drawings my mom hung up on the fridge did a great deal for my tender self-esteem). And I got here because of my friends that let me fill their inboxes with new things I've created, just to get their opinions on them. I'm truly blessed.

My Story

I'm not that interesting. I think quirky would be a better word. Yes. Quirky. I like popping my knuckles. I like being too warm. I want to own the smell of oranges so when people smell anything citrus they think of me. I should've been born in the '50s. Sandlot is my favorite movie of all time. My favorite color changes. Thinking about space and galaxies puts my stomach in knots. I feel naked without a wristwatch. I feel naked when I'm naked. Summer is the best season ever. I worry I have early onset vertigo. I could sport a unibrow quite easily if they ever became fashionable. Converse sneakers are my life. I'm proud of how many sketchbooks I have. I'm obsessed with scruffy/fluffy/stubborn things (i.e. my boyfriend and my little Toby dog too!). And I dig art in all of its forms... except for performance art. I really just can't wrap my head around that hot mess.

If you'd like to hire me, email me at kelseyanneart@gmail.com.

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My prints are sold in my etsy shop:   http://www.etsy.com/shop/KelseyAnneDesign?ref=search_shop_redirect