Style? FOUND.

Three years ago (what, that's so long ago, I'm so old) I wrote about "Finding Your Style as a Designer." While I don't think I'll ever be 100% committed to one style, I have found one that speaks to me, one that I'm naturally drawn to and one that makes me proud to look at once the piece is all done. This alone is a landmark for me. It has been like living with writer's block since high school art class. But not anymore!

The style consists of loose, thin, black inked outlines, free and haphazard brush strokes and a subtle dry brush texture to bring out the shadows. If this style were to have a message it would be, "Hey, forget about staying in the lines so much."

This style of painting paired with my love of typography and hand-lettering is producing some great results. I'm just over the moon about this recent success! If any of you are like me and have struggled for years trying to find your individual artistic voice, I hope you find some comfort in the fact that I get you. I soooooo get you. All I can suggest is to keep sketching daily. And keep looking at other artists and deciding what speaks to you from their styles and why.