Have a Sweet & Surple Valentine's Day!

Roses are Red_8x10_sm.jpg

Hello hello! It’s been awhile! Last time we chatted, I was doodling about hell so… this will be a drastic change of feel. Lmao. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and if you’re anything like me, you had all the best intentions to get a card for your S.O. but were waiting until it was above freezing outside to go get it. Since it seems winter is sticking around a lot longer than was wanted, here is a sweet treat from me to you: a free, downloadable, printable card! It’s a quote by the charming Roger Miller, the voice of my childhood. This is from his song called “Dang me”. Listen to it. It’s slyly humorous.

I decided to doodle this for my hubby because he’s one of the only people I know that would get this reference. We love the same obscure things, we giggle when kids fall down, we put the same importance on family as we do pizza, we just GET each other and I’m so blessed to have found him.

I hope this card brings some joy and chuckles to your loved ones.