Yah you could say that I'm pretty biased about these. The time came that I was finally able to design my own wedding invitations (never thought the day would come!). My man and I started months earlier getting everything ready. Shawn handmade every envelope out of grocery paper bags and I handlettered every address, doing a little each day so I wouldn't get arthritis! 

Next was the actual invitation. I knew I wanted something simple but breathtaking on the front of it. So I chose a wonderful phrase from one of my favorite songs, doodled it up, and then printed it in gold foil. 

I continued the envelope lining imagery into the 2 inserts to relate all of the pieces to each other. And lastly, I wanted the main text information to be really interesting and fun to look at so I created different compartments of text with vintage-looking typography.

I am really pleased with how everything turned out. <3