There are many favorites in this wedding announcement package that I was able to design. From the hand-lettered logo in the shape of a heart to the quaking aspen graphics to the fact that I got to take the engagement photos as well, this was such a treat to work on.

The color scheme was easy to figure out because of the awesome Autumn season they're getting married in. Angie didn't have a lot of demands but she said she definitely wanted her and her fiancee's name all big and wonderful. (Mission accomplished). And her fiancee Jared only had one request and that was that he wanted a picture of the temple on the insert. I decided to make it a clean silhouette instead of a photo so it would go along with everything else.  

I created the quaking aspen theme to go along with the autumn look AND to draw the connection with the pictures of the lovely couple. We took the photographs in Aspen Grove which is right above Sundance in Provo, Utah. It'll be hard to not just have every photoshoot there, it was perfect! I was able to create the quaking aspens by gluing paper down onto black matboard and then using an exact-o knife to roughly cut away at it to create the negative space on the bark that quaking aspens are recognized by. Scanned that in and then played with the colors in photoshop. I also scanned in the hand-drawn heart logo. Lots of handmade stuff in this awesome announcement.